For over ten years, Urban District Studios has been assisting film directors, visionaries and brand builders. Over a decade of dialogue and media work has brought a deep sense of understanding to both the music and fashion industry as the result of successful brand & media design. Lamont DeSal Jones has been working both as a photographer and designer for over 10 years. This year’s “Shoot Week 2018” project has grown to incorporate an enormous amount of new talent and continue to do so for years to come.

A little bit about the owner

I want to thank you personally for choosing to use my media company for your event, wedding, and personal projects. Growing up, I used to always buy “disposable” cameras and take pictures with my friends and family. All of my companies share a certain place in my heart and are designed to give my clientele the attention and services that they need. UDGraphics, District Studios, DS Photography, Music IQ Media, and the Shoot Week Project, are here to give your product or special events the coverage that it needs to be successful.

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