District Studios Presents “Shoot Week 2018 – 19 “Fall/Winter Sessions
January 1, 2018

Welcome to our third annual “SHOOT WEEK ’19 “Ice Queen” project with Fashion and Glam Celebrity Stylist YAYA Williams, Celebrity Stylist Leeshia Evans, Bridal Expert Irina Borodina, National Educator & Color Specialist  Rachel Nielsen Bettis, and many more. This year’s projects and activities will be focused on educational and inspirational concepts designed to enlighten some of Houston’s elite, Photographers, Stylist, Models, and entertainers.

We will begin the promotional process of inviting in talent to participate each quarter during the year.

Each scheduled shoot day, we will shoot a particular theme within the main schedule of this project.  All work produced, filmed, and created will be displayed and published. This is a TFP Project which is a “Non-Paid, Commission or Contracted project.

Local boutiques and resale shops can get involved too by providing clothes for the themed sessions and ensuring that our hard work and progress to be used towards publications for both models, media, music professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Enclosed is a sign-up form and Q&A section to answer any questions and give detailed information regarding the SHOOT WEEK ’19


  1. Opportunity for publication
  2. Makeup and creative services will be provided**
  3. Pictures for non-publication sessions will be provided
  4. Your Business or Services will be promoted, filmed, and distributed “Priceless”
  5. Perfect Networking opportunity for community businesses.
  6. Recruit Talented Professionals
  7. Find Your Next Opportunity. Join our team of creatives.


fill out this form here: http://tinyurl.com/j4hqzbu our creative team will contact you with details of SHOOT WEEK ’18

SHOOT WEEK ’16 Behind the Scenes Reel | Presented By District Studios

District Studios Presents SHOOTWEEK ’18 – HOUSTON Texas from LaMont DeSal on Vimeo.

District Studios is a motion graphics company, comprised of some of the most innovative and creative photographers, designers, videographers, wardrobe stylist and visual experts in the Houston Texas area. I am a beauty and fashion based photographer from New York City that lives in the Texas area. I have two TFP projects in place one is called “50 Shades of Beauty” and the other Millenial Series.

To register for any of these projects,  please use the link provided below. We are looking for some experience models that has the talent to take high fashion photos and have a general concept of how to pose for clothing and beauty shoots.


Register here: http://tinyurl.com/j4hqzbu