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Mýa – Just Say My Name

Release Date: December 24, 2020
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Mya sprang a Christmas surprise on her fans with new song, ‘Just Call My Name.’

The inspirational number – produced by her longtime collaborator MyGuyMars – dropped just a month after her latest single, ‘I’ma Do It’ (click here to stream) and offered words of encouragement for people having a difficult time through the holidays.

Published: Monday 28th Dec 2020 by Rashad

Check out the new video here:

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When the silence is so loud
And you can’t seem to find your way
All the world’s come crashin’ down
Just know you can count on me
You never thought the sky would fall on broken ground (Aw yeah)
When you’re hurt inside, go ahead and cry
‘Cause I know you feel whoa I ooh
If you need somebody
‘Cause nobody wants to fight all alone
Just know that ya’ got me
I’ll be there for you when you need it most
When you need it most
I’ll be your rock
When you need to just call my name
When the rain’s fallin’ down
Let me be there to dry your pain
Baby don’t you worry yeah
I’ll be, I’ll be I’ll be right there
Just call my name
I’ll be, the shoulder you can lean on yeah
When the world is crumblin’ down
And there’s nobody around I’ll be
Baby I can be the sunshine in your rain yeah,…